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If you are a Corvette enthusiast and are looking for an organization which will enable you to enjoy your car in organized social events or involvement in a national charity support group, then Corvette Coventry is for you.  


  • Click HERE to be directed to the membership application 

  • Print this form out

  • Fill in your information

  • Send it to the address listed below


Membership Requirements

     Members must be over 18 years old

     Members must own a Corvette


Membership Dues

     Single - $20 per year

     Couple - $30 per year


Ready to become a member of Corvette Coventry of Southwest Michigan?

Print out an application and mail the completed form to the following address:

                                                                 Corvette Coventry of SWMI

                                                                 3342 S. Pipestone Rd.

                                                                 Sodus, MI 49126

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